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Niobium Rods Suppliers, Stockist In India

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Special Metal is a leading supplier of Niobium rod and other Niobium-made products and supplies them to domestic and international levels upholding the best quality. Niobium rods are available in various grades, each custom manufactured to unique industry requirements. Hence, it is widely used as per requirement in the different sector industries.

What is Niobium?

Niobium is a chemical component that is highly used in aerospace industries and others. We manufacture a wide variety of Niobium rod sizes and supply custom rod sizes with short lead times.

The size of the Niobium Alloy rod ranges as per requirement. For smaller diameters, Niobium rod or components are as small as possible and increases as per requirement within standard sizes. 

In addition to commercially pure Niobium, we also supply Reactor Grade Niobium, Niobium Zirconium Alloys, Niobium Tungsten Alloy, Niobium Hafnium Alloy, and Niobium Titanium Alloy components used for jewelry and other fields.

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Let’s discuss features of the Niobium rod:

Niobium is a chemical element having less corrosion-resistant properties than tantalum at high-temperature regions.

Niobium is not attacked by nitric acid up to 100 degrees Celsius but is aggressively attacked by a mixture of acids such as nitric and hydrofluoric.

The feature of the niobium material-made rod is that it is unaffected at room temperature by most of the acids.

Alkaline solutions attack it at all temperatures region because of its lower capture cross-section for thermal neutrons. Thus, it has a wide range of applications in the nuclear industry. The specialty of Niobium elements is that they can be electrically heated and anodized to a wide variety of colors, making them attractive for applications in the jewelry section.

Cold rolling and annealing methods are specially used for producing bars and rods with ideal mechanical properties and uniform grain structures throughout the rod.

What are the application field of the niobium rod?

Pure Niobium Alloy Rods are used in a vast array of application range starting from sodium vapor lamps, HD television backlighting, capacitors, jewelry, and chemical processing equipment.

Niobium applications consist of:

  • Sputtering Targets And Nuclear Reactors
  • Jet Engines
  • Chemical Processing Equipment,
  • Turbine Blades,
  • Capacitors
  • Sensitive Magnetic Imaging Equipment
  • Vacuum Furnaces,
  • Reactor Vessels
  • Particle Accelerators

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Niobium Rods

One of the top most Suppliers and stockists of Niobium Rod, wholesaler of Niobium Alloy Rods in Mumbai, Dealers of Niobium Round Rod, Hex or Square Rod, Stockholder of Niobium Rod, Niobium Alloy Rods in a variety of thickness, width, or diameter, length and dimension

Niobium Rod Specification

Standard : ASTM B392 / ASME SB392, As per ASTM B392-98
Specification : R04200 ASTM B392 niobium round bar rod
Material Niobium Alloy : Pure and niobium alloy
Shape of Round BAr : rod, bar, cylinder, rectangle, square
UNS Grade : R04200, R04251, R04210, R04261, Nb2, Nb1
Standard : GB/T 14824-2007

Niobium Rod Types

Round Rod Suppliers

Niobium Rod

  • Niobium Alloy R04200 Round Rods
  • Niobium ASTM B392 Rods Dealer
  • Niobium R04251 Round Rod Distributor
  • ASME SB392 Niobium Alloy R04261 Rods Stockist
  • Niobium R04220 Rod in Mumbai India
  • Alloy R04200 Round Rods Trader in Mumbai India
  • UNS R04210 Round Rods Supplier
  • Alloy R04251 Rod Exporter
Hex Rods Supplier

Niobium Hex Rod

  • ASME SB392 Niobium Alloy R04200 Hex Rods
  • Niobium R04210 Hex Rods Supplier
  • Niobium ASTM B392 Hex Rods Dealer
  • Niobium R04261 Hexagon Rod Distributor
  • ASME SB392 Niobium Alloy R04220 Hex Rods Stockist
  • R04200 Niobium ASTM B392 Hex Rods Dealer
  • Niobium R04210 Hexagon Rod Distributor
  • ASME SB392 Niobium Alloy R04251 Hex Rods Stockist
Threaded Rod in Mumbai India

Niobium Threaded Rod

  • ASME SB392 Niobium Alloy R04200 Threaded Rod Stockist
  • Niobium R04210 Threaded Rod in Mumbai India
  • Alloy R04251 Threaded Rods Trader in Mumbai India
  • ASME SB392 Niobium Alloy R04261 Threaded Rods
  • Niobium Alloy R04220 Threaded Rods Supplier
  • Niobium R04200 Threaded Rod Exporter
  • Niobium ASTM B392 R04210 Threaded Rods Dealer
Square Rods Supplier

Niobium Square Rod

  • Niobium Alloy R04200 Square Rod Stockist
  • Alloy R04210 Square Rod Trader
  • Niobium Alloy R04251 Square Rods Distributor
  • ASTM B392 Niobium R04261 Square Rod Exporter
  • Niobium UNS R04220 Square Rods Supplier in Mumbai India
  • ASME SB392 Alloy R04200 Square Rod in Mumbai India
Rectangle Rod Supplier

Niobium Rectangle Rod

  • ASME SB392 Alloy R04200 Rectangular Rod in Mumbai India
  • Niobium Alloy R04210 Rectangle Rods Stockist in India
  • Niobium R04251 Rectangular Rod Trader in Mumbai India
  • Niobium Alloy R04261 Rectangular Rods Distributor in India
  • Niobium ASTM B392 Rectangular Rod Exporter in Mumbai
  • Niobium UNS R04200 Rectangle Rod Supplier in India
Forged Rods Supplier in India

Niobium Forged Rod

  • Niobium Alloy R04200 Forged Rod Stockist in India
  • Niobium UNS R04210 Forged Rods Supplier in India
  • ASME SB392 Alloy R04251 Forged Rod in Mumbai India
  • Niobium ASTM B392 R04261 Forged Rod Exporter in Mumbai
  • Niobium UNS R04220 Forged Rods Supplier in India
  • ASME SB392 Alloy R04200 Forged Rod in Mumbai India
Specialized In Niobium Rods Stockist In India, Excellent Quality In Niobium Rod Dealer In India, Get Custom Size Niobium Alloy Rods at Lowest Price.

Chemical Composition of Niobium Rod

Element Type 1
(Reactor Grade Unalloyed Nb)
Type 2
(Commercial Grade Unalloyed Nb)
Type 3
(Reactor Grade Nb-1%Nb)
Type 4
(Commercial Grade Nb-1%Nb)
Max Weight % (Except Where Otherwise Specified)
C 0.01 0.01 0.01 0.01
N 0.01 0.01 0.01 0.01
O 0.015 0.025 0.015 0.025
H 0.0015 0.0015 0.0015 0.0015
Zr 0.02 0.02 0.8 – 1.2 0.8 – 1.2
Ta 0.1 0.3 0.1 0.5
Fe 0.005 0.01 0.005 0.01
Si 0.005 0.005 0.005 0.005
W 0.03 0.05 0.03 0.05
Ni 0.005 0.005 0.005 0.005
Mo 0.010 0.020 0.010 0.050
Hf 0.02 0.02 0.02 0.02
Ti 0.02 0.03 0.02 0.03

Mechanical Composition of Niobium Rod

Grade Chart Tensile Ultimate Strength,
Yield Strength
Minimum, psi (MPa)
Elongation in 1-inch
0.010 inch or Greater Less Than 0.010 inch
Types 1 and 2 18 000 (125) 10 500 (73) 20 15
Types 3 and 4 28 000 (195) 18 000 (125) 20 15

Ready Stock of Niobium Rods in India

Niobium R04200 ASTM B392 Rod in Mumbai Niobium Alloy R04210 Hot Finished Rod
Hot-Rolled Niobium Alloy R04251 Rods R04261 Niobium Hexagonal Rod Stock
Niobium Alloy R04220 Hexagon Rod R04200 Niobium Alloy Hot Rolled Rods
Niobium R04210 Half-Rods Supplier Niobium Alloy R04251 Rods Stockist in Mumbai
Niobium Alloy R04261 Rods Suppliers Niobium UNS R04220 Rods
R04200 Niobium Rods in India ASME SB392 Alloy R04210 Rods in India
Alloy R04251 ASTM B392 Threaded Rod Niobium Alloy R04261 Round Rods Distributor
R04220 Niobium Rods Suppliers in Mumbai Niobium Alloy R04200 Rods Exporter
Alloy UNS R04210 Rod Dealer Niobium R04251 Rods Stockist
Niobium R04261 Rods Supplier in Mumbai Alloy R04220 Bright Rods Trader in India
ASME SB392 Niobium R04200 Cold Drawn Rod ASTM B392 Niobium Alloy R04210 Bright Rod
ASTM B392 Alloy R04251 Cold Finish Rod Suppliers of Niobium Rod Grade R04261
Niobium R04220 Rod at Best Price Alloy R04200 Round Rod Stockists

Niobium Alloy Rod Application Industries

Application Industries
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