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Special Metals is a well-known NIOBIUM FOIL supplier offering excellent quality and assortments of foils. These foils are manufactured with the excellent quality metal of NIOBIUM that is known for strength and corrosion resistance. We offer foil with different thicknesses and sizes. These foils are formed in different temper and conditions to use in a suitable application. Therefore our foils are widely selected in several sectors as required dimension and specification.

NIOBIUM is pure metal highly reactive and versatile. It is enriched with protecting layer to avert atmospheric corrosion. The metal exposed to the atmosphere creates an oxide layer to resist further oxidation due to the atmospheric effect. At elevated temperatures, it is counter with other non-metals. The superior melting temperature is useful in several extreme conditions efficiency.

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NIOBIUM FOIL characteristics are:

• Formability
• Versatility
• Anti-corrosive
• Workability

NIOBIUM ALLOY FOIL is a thinner form of metal with various thickness levels. The foil exhibits appreciable hardness and strength useful in higher pressure systems. It is excellently resistant to corrosion in the atmosphere and is applied as a corrosion protection layer in different applications such as ceramic capacitor coating. These foils are able to oppose corrosion in acids in some chemical practices. It is fragile and reactive to support application in jewellery making. These foils are bio-safe and used in medical implants with excellent potency and antirust properties. The foil surface is finished with heat treatment. These foils are supplied in the form of annealed or rolled foil as well as it is available as flattened condition as required in the application. It is electrically conductive and heat corrosion-resistant, consequently recommended for electronics applications. It allows a more comprehensive thermal range to be applied as efficient functionality, tensile strength in higher stress and avoids heat stress cracking.

• Electroceramics
• Medical Implant
• Ornaments
• Numismatics

High Purity NIOBIUM FOIL is an antirust surface that is easy to clad other material surfaces. It prevents that material from corrosion and reduces the effective cost of protection. Similarly, these foils are versatile to various surroundings with efficient functioning and lower cost benefit. Its surface is attractive and usable for several decorative purposes.

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Niobium Foil

One of the top most Suppliers and stockists of Niobium Foil, wholesaler of Niobium Alloy Foil in Mumbai, Dealers of Pure Niobium Foil, Stockholder of Niobium Foil, Niobium Alloy Foil in a variety of thickness, width, or diameter, length, straightness and dimension

Niobium Foil Specification

Standard : As per ASTM B393-98
Material : Niobium Alloy
Length : >200
width : 30-150
Thickness : 0.03-0.09
Purity : 99.9%
Type : Foil
Niobium Grades : R04200 / R04210 / R04251 / R04261 / R04220

Niobium Foil Types

FOIL Suppliers

Niobium Foil

  • ASME SB393 Niobium Foil
  • High Purity Niobium Foil Exporter
  • Niobium R04200 Foil Distributor
  • Niobium Alloy R04210 Foils Supplier in India
  • Pure Niobium R04261 Foil Stockist
  • Niobium R04251 Foil Supplier
FOIL Dealers

Niobium Cold Rolled Foil

  • Niobium CR Foil Exporter
  • Niobium R04200 Cold Rolled Foil Distributor
  • Niobium Alloy R04210 CR Foils Supplier in India
  • ASME SB393 Cold Rolled Niobium Foil
  • Pure Niobium R04261 CR Foil Stockist
  • Niobium R04251 Cold Rolled Foil Supplier
FOIL Stockists

Niobium Hot Rolled Foil

  • Niobium HR Foil Exporter
  • Niobium R04200 Hot Rolled Foil Distributor
  • Niobium Alloy R04210 HR Foils Supplier in India
  • ASME SB393 Hot Rolled Niobium Foil
  • Pure Niobium R04261 HR Foil Stockist
  • Niobium R04251 Hot Rolled Foil Supplier
Specialized In Niobium Foils Stockist In India, Excellent Quality In Pure Niobium Foil Dealer In India, Get Custom Size Niobium Alloy Foil at Lowest Price.

Chemical Composition of Niobium Foil

Element Type 1 (Reactor Grade Unalloyed Nb) R04200 Type 2 (Commercial Grade Unalloyed Nb) R04210 Type 3 (Reactor Grade Nb-1%Nb) R04251 Type 4 (Commercial Grade Nb-1%Nb) R04261
Max Weight % (Except Where Otherwise Specified)
C 0.01 0.01 0.01 0.01
N 0.01 0.01 0.01 0.01
O 0.015 0.025 0.015 0.025
H 0.0015 0.0015 0.0015 0.0015
Zr 0.02 0.02 0.8 – 1.2 0.8 – 1.2
Ta 0.1 0.3 0.1 0.5
Fe 0.005 0.01 0.005 0.01
Si 0.005 0.005 0.005 0.005
W 0.03 0.05 0.03 0.05
Ni 0.005 0.005 0.005 0.005
Mo 0.010 0.020 0.010 0.050
Hf 0.02 0.02 0.02 0.02
Ti 0.02 0.03 0.02 0.03

Mechanical Composition of Niobium Foil

Grade Chart Tensile Ultimate Strength,
Yield Strength
Minimum, psi (MPa)
Elongation in 1-inch
0.010 inch or Greater Less Than 0.010 inch
Types 1 and 2 18 000 (125) 10 500 (73) 20 15
Types 3 and 4 28 000 (195) 18 000 (125) 20 15

Ready Stock of Niobium Foils in India

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Niobium Alloy Foils Supplier R04210 Niobium Foils Stockist In Mumbai
Pure Niobium Cold Rolled Foil Pure Niobium Foil In India
High Purity Niobium Foil Pure Niobium Foil Stockists
Pure Niobium Alloy Foils Niobium R04251 Foil Stock
Niobium Alloy Hot Rolled Foils Distributor Suppliers Of Niobium R04261 Foil
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Niobium Foil Application Industries

Application Industries
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