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Special Metals is a renowned producer and seller of Lead Washer in the worldwide. Our manufacturing unit has massive experience in developing, delivering and exporting greatest quality Lead Washer, which is recognized in the market for its elasticity. The washers presented by us in this variety are fabricated using radiant quality raw material resource from reliable and approved trader in the market. Lead Washer are available to the customers in diverse sizes and terms as per their requirement.

Lead is a heavy metal which is denser than other ordinary materials. Lead is soft and malleable, which has a moderately low melting point. When it is cut, lead is silvery with a clue of blue; it oxides to a dull gray colour when showing to air. Lead has the maximum atomic numeral of any steady component and some of its components are the most important nuclear decay chains of heavier elements. Lead Washers are form of Plain Washers only. They are manufactured from exact material lead. A Lead Alloy washer is a thin plate with a hole (normally in the centre) which is generally utilized to allocate the pressure of a threaded fastener, such as a bolt.

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Generally  washers  can  be  characterized  into  three  broad  category:

  • simple washers, which  stretches a load, and avoid damage to the plane being  fixed,   or  give  some  sort  of  filling  such  as  electrical
  • Spring washers, which have axial suppleness and are  utilized  to  avoid  fastening  or          releasing  due  to  sensations
  • Locking washers, which avoids closure  or  loosening  by  checking  unscrewing  revolving  of  the  fastening  tool; locking washers are typically also spring washers


  • Durable
  • Sturdy construction
  • Smooth finishing
  • high tensile strength
  • excellent performance

Applications  of  Lead  Washers:

  • Atomic Spectroscopy
  • Chromatography
  • Medical Equipment
  • Chemical plants
  • Security industry

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Lead Washers

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Lead Rod Specification

Material : Lead
Surface Finish : Zinc Plated
Shape : Round, Hex, Square
Purity : 99.99%
Color : silver

Dimension/Size : All

Lead Washers Types

Spring Washers

Spring Washers

  • Lead Alloy Spring Washers Stockist
  • Lead Spring Washers in Mumbai India
  • Lead Spring Washers Trader in Mumbai India
  • Pure Lead Spring Washers Supplier
  • Lead Alloy Spring Washers
  • High Purity Spring Washers Dealer
  • Lead Spring Washers Distributor
Square Washers

Square Washers

  • Lead Alloy Square Washers Stockist
  • Lead Square Washers in Mumbai India
  • Lead Square Washers Trader in Mumbai India
  • Pure Lead Square Washers Supplier
  • Lead Alloy Square Washers
  • High Purity Square Washers Dealer
  • Lead Square Washers Distributor
Plain Washers

Plain Washers

  • Lead Alloy Plain Washers Stockist
  • Lead Plain Washers in Mumbai India
  • Lead Plain Washers Trader in Mumbai India
  • Pure Lead Plain Washers Supplier
  • Lead Alloy Plain Washers
  • High Purity Plain Washers Dealer
  • Lead Plain Washers Distributor
Star Washers

Star Washers

  • Lead Alloy Star Washers Stockist
  • Lead Star Washers in Mumbai India
  • Lead Star Washers Trader in Mumbai India
  • Pure Lead Star Washers Supplier
  • Lead Alloy Star Washers
  • High Purity Star Washers Dealer
  • Lead Star Washers Distributor
Star Washers

Ogee Washers

  • Lead Alloy Ogee Washers Stockist
  • Lead Ogee Washers in Mumbai India
  • Lead Ogee Washers Trader in Mumbai India
  • Pure Lead Ogee Washers Supplier
  • Lead Alloy Ogee Washers
  • High Purity Ogee Washers Dealer
  • Lead Ogee Washers Distributor
Fender Washers

Fender Washers

  • Lead Alloy Fender Washers Stockist
  • Lead Fender Washers in Mumbai India
  • Lead Fender Washers Trader in Mumbai India
  • Pure Lead Fender Washers Supplier
  • Lead Alloy Fender Washers
  • High Purity Fender Washers Dealer
  • Lead Fender Washers Distributor
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Lead Alloy Washers Application Industries

Application Industries
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