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Special Metals is a well-known developer of these Molybdenum Rod. We are also a supplier of this rod. These molybdenum rods are made up of various molybdenum grades, such as Molybdenum ASTM B387 type 361 and Grade 364/365. We manufacture and supply rods made of molybdenum alloys, which can significantly improve the mechanical and physical properties of steel. The addition of molybdenum ensures a uniform microcrystalline structure in steel, increases its hardening ability, and eliminates post-temper brittleness. This material has various unique properties that make it usable in various applications. To produce this rod, the metal contains some other elements in a small amount to increase the quality of metal like potassium, aluminum, silicon, iron, nickel, copper, chromium and sodium, and tungsten. Different combination of elements has different uses. The combination of chromium and tungsten increases the melting point of the rod.

Following are some advantages of the Molybdenum Rod:

  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Good Chemical Stability

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The types of Molybdenum Rod: As per the material of the molybdenum rod, it can be divided into two types one is pure molybdenum rod, and the second is high-temperature molybdenum rod. Pure molybdenum rods are classified as molybdenum rods with a molybdenum content above 99.95%. High Temperature Molybdenum alloy refractory rods generally refer to molybdenum alloy rods containing 0.4-1. 2% lanthanum, the rest is molybdenum, no impurities. As per the surface state of the molybdenum rod, it can be divided into the three types like sintered molybdenum rod, forged molybdenum rod, and polished molybdenum rod. The surface of the sintered molybdenum rod has a silver-gray metallic luster. The forged molybdenum rod shows a layer of oxide on the surface. The surface of this rod is black. The polished molybdenum rod has a silver-gray metallic luster with a smooth surface and slight dimensional errors. The properties of Molybdenum Rod:
  • Density
  • Melting point
  • Thermal Conductivity
The applications of Molybdenum Rod Molybdenum rods are mostly used in industrial production and daily life. The following are common uses of molybdenum rods:
  • Used in manufacturing vacuum electrical equipment and light source electrical components.
  • Suitable for manufacturing ion-implanted parts.
Used as an electrode in the rare earth metal industry.

Why is it important to use cleaned molybdenum round rod?

A cleaned molybdenum round rod is important & essential because impurities or contaminants on the surface of the rod can negatively impact the performance of the material in certain applications, such as in high-vacuum or high-temperature environments. Cleaning the molybdenum round rod can also help to prevent contamination in the manufacturing method.

How is molybdenum threaded rod made?

Molybdenum threaded rod is typically made by a process called extrusion, where a molybdenum alloy is heated & forced through a die to create a rod with threads.

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molybdenum rods

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Molybdenum Rod Specification

Standards : ASTM B387, Type 361/364
Surface : Black, Ground, Polished, Chemical cleaned
Grade : Mo1 Mo2 TZM
Size : Diameter – 3 mm to 150 mm; Length up to 3000 mm; Tolerance per ASTM or customer’s request

Molybdenum Rod Equivalent Grades

ASTM B387 Type 364

Molybdenum Rod Types

Round Rod Suppliers

Molybdenum Round Rod

  • Molybdenum Mo1 Round Rod Supplier
  • ASTM B387 TYPE 364 Molybdenum Round Rod
  • Molybdenum MLa Round Rod Supplier in India
  • Grade 365 Molybdenum Rod Stockist
  • ASME SB387 Molybdenum Alloy Round Rods
  • Mo Alloy 364 Round Rods
  • Molybdenum Cold Rolled Round Rod Exporter in Mumbai
  • Hot Rolled Molybdenum Rod Distributor
  • Molybdenum Mo2 Round Rod Distributor
  • Molybdenum TZM Round Rod
Polished Rod

Molybdenum Polished Rod

  • Molybdenum Polish Rod Distributor
  • Molybdenum MLa Polished Round Rods Trader in Mumbai India
  • Molybdenum Mo2 Polished Rods Supplier in Mumbai
  • Molybdenum Mo3 Polished Rod Supplier
  • Molybdenum Mo1 Polished Rod Stockist in India
  • Polished Mo Alloy 364 Rod Exporter
  • ASTM B387 TYPE 364 Molybdenum Polished Rod
  • Molybdenum TZM ASTM B387 Polished Rod Exporter in Mumbai
  • ASME SB 387 Molybdenum Polished Rod in Mumbai India
Threaded Rods Suppliers

Molybdenum Threaded Rod

  • ASME SB 387 Molybdenum Threaded Rod in Mumbai India
  • Molybdenum Threaded Rod Stockist in Mumbai India
  • ASTM B387 TYPE 364 Molybdenum Threaded Rod
  • Mo Alloy 364 Threaded Rods Supplier in India
  • Molybdenum MLa Threaded Rods Trader
  • Titanium-Zirconium-Molybdenum Threaded Rod
  • ASTM B387 Molybdenum Threaded Rod Exporter in Mumbai
  • Threaded Molybdenum Rod Distributor
Square Rods Supplier

Molybdenum Square Rod

  • ASME SB 387 Molybdenum Alloy Square Rod in Mumbai India
  • Molybdenum Square Rod Stockist in Mumbai India
  • ASTM B387 TYPE 364 Molybdenum Square Rod
  • Molybdenum MLa Square Rod Supplier in India
  • Molybdenum TZM Square Rods Dealer
  • Titanium-Zirconium-Molybdenum Square Rod
  • ASTM B387 Molybdenum Square Rod Exporter
  • Mo Alloy 364 Square Rod Distributor
Rectangle Rod Supplier

Molybdenum Rectangular Rod

  • Mo Alloy 364 Rectangle Rods Dealer
  • Titanium-Zirconium-Molybdenum Rectangle Rod
  • ASTM B387 Molybdenum Rectangular Rod Exporter
  • Molybdenum Rectangle Rod Distributor
  • ASTM B387 TYPE 364 Molybdenum Rectangular Rod
  • Molybdenum MLa Rectangular Rod Supplier
  • ASME SB 387 Molybdenum Rectangular Rod in Mumbai
  • Molybdenum Rectangular Rod Stockist in Mumbai India
Forged Round Bars Supplier

Molybdenum Forged Rod

  • Mo Alloy 364 Forged Rod Exporter
  • Molybdenum MLa Forged Rod Supplier
  • ASME SB 387 Molybdenum Forged Rod in Mumbai
  • ASTM B387 Molybdenum Forged Rod Dealer
  • Forged Molybdenum Rod Stockist in Mumbai India
  • ASTM B387 TYPE 364 Molybdenum Forged Rods
  • Molybdenum TZM Forged Rods Distributor
  • Titanium-Zirconium-Molybdenum Forged Rod

Molybdenum Rod Sizes​

Form Dia. Inch Dia. Inch Dia. Inch Dia. Inch Dia. Inch
Rod 0.03 0.275 0.625 1.15 1.33
Rod 0.04 0.30 0.65 1.175 2.00
Rod 0.05 0.325 0.675 1.20 2.30
Rod 0.06 0.35 0.70 1.225 2.75
Rod 0.07 0.375 0.725 1.25 2.80
Rod 0.08 0.40 0.75 1.275 2.875
Rod 0.09 0.425 0.775 1.30 3.00
Rod 0.10 0.45 0.80 1.325 3.15
Rod 0.125 0.475 0.825 1.35 3.25
Rod 0.15 0.50 0.85 1.375 3.75
Rod 0.175 0.525 0.875 1.40 3.80
Rod 0.20 0.55 0.90 1.60 4.00
Rod 0.225 0.575 0.925 1.75 4.20
Rod 0.25 0.60 1.00 1.80 4.50
Rod 0.24 0.55
1.25 1.90 5
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Molybdenum Rod Standard Diameter Tolerances (inches)

Diameter Black/Clean Ground
.020 to .025 ± .001 ± .001
.025 to .070 ± .0015 ± .001
.070 to .200 ± .002 ± .001
.200 to .250 ± .007 ± .001
.250 to .435 ± .007 ± .0015
.425 to .750 ± .010 ± .003
.750 to 1.000 ± .015 ± .005
1.000 to 1.250 ± .015 ± .005
1.250 to 1.750 ± .025 ± .005

Molybdenum Rod Standard Length Tolerances (Inches)

Diameter .5″ to 12″ 12″ to 24″ > 24″
.020 to .100 ± .010 ± .015 ± .0625
.100 – .500 ± .015 ± .015 ± .0625
.500 to 1.000 ± .015 ± .030 ± .0625
1.000 to 1.500 ± .030 ± .0625 ± .0625

Chemical Composition of Molybdenum Rod

Grade The impurity content is not more than %
Fe Ni Al Si Mg C N O
Mo-1 0.01 0.005 0.002 0.01 0.005 0.01 0.003 0.008
Mo-2 0.01 0.005 0.005 0.01 0.005 0.01 0.003 0.02

Mechanical Composition of Molybdenum Rod

Diameter, mm Tensile strength  σB,  N/mm2 Relative elongation δ , % Vickers hardness HV10
3.18 – 10.32 515 15 Not specified
> 10.32 – 22.2 620 18 230-280
> 22.2 – 28.6 585 15 225-270
> 28.6 – 47.6 515 10 215-260
> 47.6 – 73 480 10 210-250
> 73 – 88.9 450 10 205-240

Ready Stock of Molybdenum Rods in India

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Molybdenum Rod Application Industries

Application Industries

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