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INVAR SHEET is an excellent quality sheet made up of higher grade Invar material. Special Metals proffer these sheets in an extended range to accomplish numerous application requirements. Our sheets are accessed with recommended quality standards of global as well as national norms. We offer these sheets with excellent thermal properties. Our sheets are available in various standards and grades with an extensive specification range to fit in multiple household and electronic applications. It is also known as a controlled expansion sheet as it illustrates lower thermal expansion in a wider thermal range.

  • What is INVAR and its properties?

INVAR is an improved quality bimetal alloy of Nickel and Iron with nearly 36% to 41% nickel composition. It demonstrates quality lowest thermal expansion with considerable stress corrosion strength. Alloy also upholds excellent strength and hardness. It is further acclaimed as grade Invar 36 and Invar 42 that is used for acquiring various qualities.

  • Lowest Thermal Expansion
  • Wider Thermal Range
  • Machinability
  • Easily Weldable
  • Stress Corrosion Protection

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INVAR SHEET is of excellent quality and accurately dimensioned with excellent mechanical properties. These sheets are strong and Tough to handle high temperatures. Thus it is excellent heat resistant at moderate levels. It works excellent in room temperatures as well as higher temperatures. Therefore these sheets are also used in large thermal range applications, including cryogenic temperatures. These sheets are created with various thicknesses to obtain the required hardness and strength in different applications. Its surface is protected from rust and environmental conditions. We offer higher cracking strength of these sheets at heat corrosion. Also, the nickel content reduces the corrosion effect in several conditions. Thus these sheets are widely recommended in systems where thermal expansion is a key concern.

INVAR SHEET offers durable and extended period working with excellent service. It requires very low maintenance, and efficiency in corrosive surroundings is increased. These sheets are easily welded with commercial methods. It is known for dimensional stability in thermal applications due to effective zero coefficient of expansion. It is easily formed and flexible in various systems.

An application where INVAR SHEET is utilized:

  • Moulds, Electrical devices
  • Precision Equipments
  • High Voltage Applications
  • Telecommunications
  • Aeronautical
  • Cryogenic Engineering

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Invar Sheet Specification

Standards : ASTM F1684
Process : Forging, rolling
Dimensions :5mm-50mm thickness x W x L
Thickness : Range from .008″ to .0125″
Length : 2m, 2.44m, 3m, or as required
Width : 10-2500mm

Invar Sheet Equivalent Grades

Invar 36K93600/ K93601 / K936031.3912
Invar 42K94200 / K941001.3917

Invar Sheet Types

Shim Sheet

Invar Sheet

  • Invar Sheet Exporter
  • Invar Hot Rolled Sheet Stockist
  • Invar Alloy ASTM F1684 Sheet
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  • Invar Cold Rolled Sheet
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Cold Rolled Sheet

Invar 36 Sheet

  • Invar 36 ASTM F1684 Sheet
  • Invar® Alloy 36 Sheets Suppliers
  • Invar 1.3912 Cold Rolled Sheet
  • Nickel Alloy 36 Sheet Supplier in India
  • ASME SF1684 Pernifer 36 Sheet
  • Invar K93600 CR Sheet Distributor
  • Invar K93603 HR Sheet Dealers
  • Invar 36 Sheet Exporter
  • Nilo 36 Hot Rolled Sheet Stockist
Hot Rolled Sheet

Invar 42 Sheet

  • Invar 1.3917 Cold Rolled Sheet
  • Nickel Alloy 42 Sheet Supplier in India
  • ASME SF1684 Pernifer 42 Sheet
  • Invar K94100 CR Sheet Distributor
  • Invar K94200 HR Sheet Dealers
  • Invar 42 Sheet Exporter
  • Nilo 42 Hot Rolled Sheet Stockist
  • Invar 42 ASTM F1684 Sheet
  • Invar® Alloy 42 Sheets Suppliers

Invar Sheet Thickness

Invar Sheet Thickness







Specialized In Invar Sheets Stockist In India, Excellent Quality In Invar 36, Invar 42 Sheet Dealer In India, Get Custom Size Invar Alloy Sheet at Lowest Price.

Invar Alloy Sheet Sizes

Sizes Availability Sizes Availability
0.4mm 5mm
0.5mm 6mm
0.8mm 8mm
1mm 10mm
1.2mm 12mm
1.6mm 16mm
2mm 20mm
3mm 25mm

Chemical Composition of Invar Sheet

Grade C Mn S Fe Ni P Si Cr
Invar 36 0.05 max .40 max .20 max Bal 36.0 min .006 0.40 0.25
Invar 42 0.05 max 0.40 Bal 41.0 0.20

Mechanical Composition of Invar Sheet

Grade Density Melting Point Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Elongation
INVAR 36 0.293 lbs/in3 8.11 g/cm3 2606°F 1430°C Psi – 71,000 , MPa – 490 Psi – 35,000 , MPa – 240 42 %
INVAR 42 8.47 g/cm3 1413 °C (2580 °F) Psi – 95,000 , MPa – 655 Psi – 45,000 , MPa – 310 40 %

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Invar Sheet Application Industries

Application Industries

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