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Special Metals presents excellent KOVAR ROD / ROUND BAR with various standards and designations. We offer global quality standards applicable in various applications. Our rods are heavy-duty and strong. It is produced using high-grade material of KOVAR alloy known for thermal expansion nearly identical to that of glass. We offer excellent thermal and mechanical properties of these rods and bars. These are produced with standard dimensions and thicknesses with a variety of sizes and shapes. It is also availed with custom-size specifications according to application obligation.

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What is KOVAR?

KOVAR is a superalloy of the Iron-Nickel combination consisting of higher Nickel and Cobalt content of nearly 29 and 17 of percentage. In addition, it includes the fair value of Silicon, Chromium, and Carbon added to Iron. The alloy offers excellent thermal properties with a lower thermal coefficient value.

It is preferred for qualities like:

  • Machinability
  • Tensile Strength
  • Ductile
  • Formable
  • Weldable

KOVAR ROD is excellent thermal performing with low expansion. It shows higher mechanical properties at elevated temperatures due to the higher melting temperature of the material. It is featured with the controlled alloy formation to obtain the precise thermal coefficient of expansion close to glass properties. Thus these rods are obtained with exceptional hardness properties. These rods are excellently formed with higher ductility in various shapes and thicknesses. It is excellently surface finished with various techniques.

Why opt for KOVAR ROUND BAR?

KOVAR ROUND BAR is well thermal conductive with lower expansion. It is prevented from heat corrosion. The hardness of the bar provides stress cracking strength at higher temperatures. It is easily welded with various systems with excellent weldability and convention techniques. It provides excellent yield properties and easily cold working ability.  It demonstrates inert oxidization properties. It is easy to associate with glass and ceramic materials across a wide temperature range and forms a glass seal when combined to glass.

Applications of KOVAR ROD / ROUND BAR

It is used in glass and ceramic devices for glass sealing, integrated circuits, scientific instruments, microwave tubes, power tubes, transistors, diodes in industries like:

  • Aerospace Industry
  • Electrical Industry
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Medical Industry

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Kovar Rod / Round Bar Specification

Specifications : ASTM F15 / ASME SF15
Size : 5 mm To 500 mm
Length : 9 – 12 metres
Form : Round, Rod, Precision Ground Bar, Square, Round Rod, Hollow, Hex (A/F), Triangle, Rectangle, Threaded, T-Bar, Half Round Bar, Flat Bar, Rings, Blocks, Billet, Ingot, I/H Bar, Angle, Channel Bar, Profiles, Forging Etc.
Finish : Cold drawn, Bright drawn, Centreless ground, Cold finished, Peeled and turned, Smooth turned, Slit rolled edge, Hot finished, Hot rolled, Rough turned/peeled, Peeled and reeled

Kovar Rod / Round Bar Equivalent Grades

ASTM UNS Workstoff AMS
F15 K94610 1.3981 I-23011 CL1

Kovar Rod / Round Bar Types

Round Bar Suppliers

Kovar Round Bar / Rod

  • UNS K94610 Round Bars Supplier
  • Kovar Alloy F15 Round Bar / Rod
  • Kovar ASME SF15 Rods Stockist
  • Kovar Alloy 1.3981 Round Bar Exporter
  • Kovar ASTM F15 Round Bars Dealer
  • Kovar Alloy F15 Round Bars Trader in Mumbai India
  • Kovar Round Rod in Mumbai India
  • ASTM F15 Kovar Round Rod Distributor
Hex Bar Suppliers

Kovar Hex Bar / Rod

  • Kovar K94610 Hex Bar / Rod Supplier
  • Kovar Alloy 1.3981 Hex Bar Exporter
  • ASTM F15 Nilo alloy K Hex Bars Stockist
  • Kovar Alloy F15 Hex Bars
  • Kovar Hexagonal Bar in India
  • Kovar ASTM F15 Hex Rod Dealer
  • Kovar Hexagon Bar & Rod Distributor
  • Kovar Hex Bars Trader in Mumbai India
Flat Bars Supplier

Kovar Flat Bar

  • Kovar ASTM F15 Flat Bars Dealer
  • Kovar 1.3981 Flat Bar Exporter
  • ASME SF15 Nilo alloy K Flat Bars
  • Kovar UNS K94610 Flat Bars Trader in Mumbai India
  • Kovar K94610 Flat Bar in Mumbai India
  • ASME SF15 Kovar Alloy Flat Bars Stockist
  • Kovar F15 Flat Bars Supplier
  • Kovar Flat Bar Distributor
Square Bar Supplier

Kovar Square Bar / Rod

  • Kovar Alloy K94610 Square Bars
  • ASTM F15 Kovar Square Rod Dealer
  • Kovar 1.3981 Square Bar in India
  • Kovar F15 Square Bar Distributor
  • Kovar K94610 Square Bar Supplier
  • Nilo alloy K Square Bars Stockist
  • Kovar® Alloy Square Rod Trader in Mumbai India
  • ASTM F15 Kovar Square Rods Exporter
Rectangle Bars Supplier

Kovar Rectangle Bar / Rod

  • Kovar® Alloy Rectangle Rod Stockist in India
  • Kovar 1.3981 Rectangular Bar in Mumbai India
  • Kovar F15 Rectangular Bar Trader in Mumbai India
  • ASTM F15 Kovar Rectangular Bar Exporter in Mumbai
  • Kovar UNS K94610 Rectangle Bar Supplier in India
  • Kovar Alloy F15 Rectangular Rod Distributor in India
Forged Round Bars Supplier

Kovar Forged Bar / Rod

  • Kovar® Alloy Forged Round Bar Stockist in India
  • Kovar F15 Forged Rods Supplier in India
  • Kovar ASTM F15 Forged Bar Exporter in Mumbai
  • Kovar K94610 Forged Round Rod Distributor
  • ASTM F15 Kovar Forged Bar in Mumbai India
  • Kovar 1.3981 Forged Bars Trader in Mumbai India

Kovar Round Bar Sizes

TypeSIZES (mm)SIZES (Inches)ISO Tolerance
Cold Drawn and Ground10.00 – 75.005/6″ – 2.50″h8-h9-h10-h11
Peeled and Polished40.00 – 150.001.50″ – 6.00″h11, h11-DIN 1013
Peeled and Ground20.00 – 50.003/4″ – 2.00″h9-h10-h11
Cold Drawn and Polish3.00 – 75.001/8″ – 3.00″h8-h9-h10-h11
Specialized In Kovar Round Bars Stockist In India, Excellent Quality In Kovar Alloy F15 Rod Dealer In India, Get Custom Size Kovar Rod / Round Bar at Lowest Price.

Kovar Round Bar Weight Chart

Round Bar
SizeKgs / FootKgs / MtrSizeKgs / FootKgs / MtrSizeKgs / FootKgs / Mtr

Chemical Composition of Kovar Rod / Round Bar

Weight % Ni Fe Co C Mn Si Al Cr Mg Zr Ti Cu Mo
Alloy K
29.0 53.0 17.0 0.04 max 0.50 max 0.20 0.10 max 0.20 max 0.10 max 0.10 max 0.10 max 0.20 max 0.20 max

Mechanical Composition of Kovar Rod / Round Bar

Material Condition Yield Strength (0.1% Offset) Tensile Strength Elongation %
psi MPa psi MPa
Alloy K
Annealed 49,000 340 75,000 520 42

Ready Stock of Kovar Rod / Round Bar in India

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Kovar Rod / Round Bar Application Industries

Application Industries
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