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NITINOL alloy is a mixture of titanium and nickel. Special Metals manufacture a wide range of NITINOL SHEET/SHIMS/FOILS with high-quality material. We supply the best quality products with Natinol material that comes with shape memory and superelastic properties. In addition, these metal and metal alloys impart raw material because of its elastic modulus.


  • Specification: – ASTM
  • The Material: – Nickel and Titanium 
  • Surface:- Cold rolled, pickled, or published

Composition of NITINOL Sheet:-

These Sheets are made with a unique composition of the following elements

  • Nickel, Titanium, Oxygen, Carbon

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NITINOL Alloy Type:- 

NITINOL alloy contains two types, including Two way-Shape memory and One way-Shape memory. The two-way shape memory NITINOL restores the high-temperature phase shape when it is heated, and when it gets cooled, the product restores the cooling temperature phase shape. On the other hand, the one-way shape memory NITIOL deform at its lower temperature and restore the shape before the deformation is heated. Thus, it shows the phenomenon of shape memory at the time of heating.

NITINOL FOILS Applications:-

  • It is used in cell phone antennas.
  • It is used in children’s toy
  • It is used in experimental material
  • It is used in eyeglasses components
  • It is used in medical equipment

NITINOL Sheet Properties:-

NITINOL Sheet exhibits excellent electrical resistivity, melting point, density, modulus of elasticity, and coefficient of thermal expansion. In addition, NITINOL Sheet also provides Mechanical properties like ultimate tensile strength and total elongation.

Let’s Know More about NITINOL SHIMS/FOILS:-

NITINOL SHEET/SHIMS/FOILS can be twisted at room temperature or below the room temperature, and it returns to flat/straight shape or size upon heating. These foils contain a cold rolling surface. Also, it includes high thickness properties. This material has its superelastic shape memory. So, it provides higher transformation temperature shape memory. It has an etched and oxide surface. Nitinol is also like stainless steel metal which is protected excellently from corrosion by a protective surface layer that is made of titanium dioxide.

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Nitinol Sheet/Shim/Foil

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Nitinol Sheet/Shim/Foil Specification

Standards : ASTM F2063 / ASME SF2063
Material : Nickel: 54.5-57 wt%, Balance: Ti
Nitinol Sheet Thickness : 0.003” (0.076mm) to 0.098” (2.5mm)
Nitinol Sheet Width : up to 3.5” (90mm) with larger sizes upon request
Nitinol Sheet Length : up to 20” (500mm)
Shim Thickness : 0.05 MM thickness, 0.10 MM, 0.15 MM, 0.20 MM, 0.25 MM, 0. 30 MM, 0. 35 MM, 0.40 MM
Shim Width : 14′ (355 MM) to 2′ (610 MM)
Foil Thickness : 1.0mm
Foil Size : 25×25 mm, 50×50 mm, 100×100 mm, 150×150 mm
Alloys : Shape Memory
Surface : Natural Oxide, Pickled/Etched and Customer Specific Requirements
Thermomechanical Conditions : As Cold-Worked, Straight Strain Annealed and Shape Set Annealed.

Nitinol Sheet/Shim/Foil Equivalent Grades

NiTi Alloys N01555

NiTi Alloy Shape Memory Sheet/Shim/Foil Types

Nitinol One Way Shape Memory Sheet Shim Foil

Nitinol One Way-Shape Memory Sheet/Shim/Foil

  • Nitinol One Way-Shape Memory Sheet Supplier in India
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  • ASME SF2063 Nitinol One Way-Shape Memory Foil
Nitinol Two Way Shape Memory Sheet Shim Foil

Nitinol Two Way-Shape Memory Sheet/Shim/Foil

  • Nitinol Two Way-Shape Memory Sheet Supplier in India
  • NiTi Alloy Two Way-Shape Memory Foil Stockist
  • Ti-Ni alloy Two Way-Shape Memory Shims Supplier
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Nitinol One Two Way Superelastic Sheet Shim Foil

Nitinol One/Two Way Superelastic Sheet/Shim/Foil

  • Nitinol One Way Superelastic Foil Supplier in India
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  • Ti-Ni alloy One Way Superelastic Shim Supplier
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  • Nickel-Titanium Alloy One/Two Way Superelastic Shim Exporter
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  • ASME SF2063 Nitinol One/Two Way Superelastic Sheet
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Chemical Composition of Nickel-Titanium Sheet, Shim and Foils

Grade Ni N+O Fe Co C Nb Cr Cu H Ti
Nitinol 54.5 – 57.0 0.050 0.050 0.050 0.050 0.025 0.010 0.010 0.005 Bal

Mechanical Composition of NiTi Alloy Sheets / Shims / Foils

Element Density Melting Point Elongation
Nickel-titanium Alloy 6.45 g/cm3 – 0.234 lb/in3 Around 1310 °C. 10 %

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