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Special Metals is a perfect solution for high quality tungsten rods. We develop and provide only the best quality rods. We manufacture these rods as per the requirement of our buyer and user of these rods. Pure tungsten is used to fabricate these rods. Below we discuss about tungsten and its properties in detail.

What is tungsten metal?
Tungsten has unique properties as a high-performance material, including a melting point, low vapor pressure at elevated temperatures and a low coefficient of thermal expansion. Therefore, it can be used in various high-temperature products and processes, such as: Glass seals and supports for lighting and electronic products, silicone rectifier pins and high-temperature furnace parts.

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Tungsten Rod details:
Tungsten Alloy Rods are made from Pressed, sintered and stamped tungsten with a purity of tungsten 99.95%. This rod has various finishes, lengths, and diameters available in a particular order. There are three types of surface finishes available for tungsten rod-like black, cleaned, and ground. Our Tungsten rods are corrosion and wear-resistant. Tungsten rods have excellent heat resistance, heat dissipation, strength and toughness. Therefore these rods are used in various applications.

Tungsten Alloy rods:
Tungsten heavy alloy rod: This rod contains a large amount of tungsten and a small amount of nickel, copper and iron. Its density is high, so it is also called high density tungsten rods. It has good machinability.
Tungsten Copper rods: Tungsten copper rod presents excellent conductivity and resistance at a high temperature and electrical erosion environment. Its tungsten alloy frame has high temperature resistance.

Features of Tungsten Rods:
• Durable finish standard
• Excellent bending ability
• Rustproof
• Excellent physical properties
• Superior tensile strength

Main characteristics of Tungsten Rods:
• High melting point
• Low thermal expansion
• Low vapor pressure
• Good thermal conductivity
• High density

Uses of Tungsten Rods:
• Tungsten heavy hammers
• Connecting rods
• Screws/bolts with other fasteners
• Electrodes for welding electrodes and rare earth metal industry
• Furnace support pillars

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Tantalum Rods

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Tungsten Rod Specification

Standard : GB, ASTM
Model : W1,W2, W-Alloy
Purity : 99.95%min
Size : 0.0125″ to 3.000″
Diameter : x 8.0″ to 12.0″ Long*
Surface : Polished or black surface
Form : Round, Square, Hex (A/F), Rectangle, Billet, Ingot, Forging Etc.
Processing : Forged or Sintered
Grades : HA 190 HA 1925 HA 195 HE 390 HE 3925 HE 395 HE 397

Tungsten Rod Types

Round Rod Suppliers

Tungsten Carbide Rod

  • Tungsten Alloy HE 390 Carbide Rods Stockist
  • Tungsten HE 3925 Carbide Rod in Mumbai India
  • Tungsten HE 395 Carbide Round Rods Trader in Mumbai India
  • HE 397 Carbide Round Rods Supplier
  • Tungsten Alloy HA 190 Carbide Rods
  • HA 1925 Tungsten Carbide Rods Dealer
  • Pure Tungsten HA 195 Carbide Rod Distributor
Hex Rods Supplier

Tungsten Hex Rod

  • Pure Tungsten HE 390 Hexagon Rod Distributor
  • Tungsten Alloy HE 3925 Hex Rods Stockist
  • HE 395 Tungsten Hex Rods Dealer
  • Tungsten HE 397 Hexagon Rod Distributor
  • Tungsten HA 190 Hex Rods Stockist
  • Tungsten Alloy HA 190 Hex Rods
  • Tungsten HA 1925 Hex Rods Supplier
  • HA 195 Tungsten Hex Rods Dealer
Threaded Rod in Mumbai India

Tungsten Threaded Rod

  • Tungsten Alloy HE 390 Threaded Rods
  • Pure Tungsten HE 3925 Threaded Rods Supplier
  • Tungsten HE 395 Threaded Rod Exporter
  • HE 397 Tungsten Threaded Rods Dealer
  • Tungsten Alloy HA 190 Threaded Rod Stockist
  • Tungsten HA 1925 Threaded Rod in Mumbai India
  • Pure Tungsten HA 195 Threaded Rods Trader in Mumbai India
Square Rods Supplier

Tungsten Square Rod

  • Tungsten HE 390 Square Rod Exporter
  • Tungsten HE 3925 Square Rods Supplier in Mumbai India
  • Pure Tungsten HE 395 Square Rod in Mumbai India
  • Tungsten Alloy HA 190 Square Rod Stockist
  • Tungsten HA 1925 Square Rod Trader
  • Tungsten Alloy HA 195 Square Rods Distributor
Rectangle Rod Supplier

Tungsten Rectangle Rod

  • Tungsten Alloy HE 390 Rectangular Rods Distributor in India
  • Pure Tungsten HE 3925 Rectangular Rod Exporter in Mumbai
  • Tungsten HE 395 Rectangle Rod Supplier in India
  • Tungsten HA 190 Rectangular Rod in Mumbai India
  • Tungsten Alloy HA 1925 Rectangle Rods Stockist in India
  • Tungsten HA 195 Rectangular Rod Trader in Mumbai India
Forged Rods Supplier in India

Tungsten Forged Rod

  • Tungsten HE 390 Forged Rod Exporter in Mumbai
  • Tungsten HE 3925 Forged Rods Supplier in India
  • HE 395 Tungsten Forged Rod in Mumbai India
  • Tungsten Alloy HA 190 Forged Rod Stockist in India
  • Tungsten HA 1925 Forged Rods Supplier in India
  • Pure Tungsten HA 195 Forged Rod in Mumbai India
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Ready Stock of Tungsten Rods in India

Tungsten Rod in Mumbai Tungsten Alloy HA 190 Hot Finished Rod
Hot-Rolled Tungsten Alloy Rods HA 1925 Tungsten Hexagonal Rod Stock
Tungsten Alloy HA 195 Hexagon Rod HE 390 Tungsten Alloy Hot Rolled Rods
Tungsten Half-Rods Supplier Tungsten Alloy Rods Stockist in Mumbai
Tungsten Alloy HE 3925 Rods Suppliers Tungsten HE 395 Rods
HE 397 Tungsten Rods in India HA 190 Tungsten Alloy Rods in India
Pure Tungsten HA 190 Threaded Rod Tungsten Alloy Round Rods Distributor
HA 1925 Tungsten Rods Suppliers in Mumbai Tungsten Alloy HA 195 Rods Exporter
Tungsten HE 390 Rod Dealer Tungsten HE 3925 Rods Stockist
Tungsten Rods Supplier in Mumbai Pure Tungsten Bright Rods Trader in India
HE 395 Tungsten Cold Drawn Rod Tungsten Alloy HE 395 Bright Rod
HE 397 Pure Tungsten Alloy Cold Finish Rod Suppliers of Tungsten Rod Grade HA 190
Tungsten HA 1925 Rod at Best Price Tungsten Alloy HA 195 Round Rod Stockists

Tungsten Alloy Rod Application Industries

Application Industries

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