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TZM SHEET is popularly demanded for its exceptional and superior strength. It is widely recommended in several hard-wearing applications such as military and other industrial applications. It is Molybdenum enhanced for acquiring reliable strength. In addition, other mechanical properties are better improved with high recrystallization temperature. TZM consists of titanium and zirconium forming a molybdenum-based alloy with less Carbon formed with powder metallurgy technique. It is applied to very high temperatures for the recrystallization process. Furthermore, Zirconium addition increases strength in higher temperatures to twice that of pure metal.

TZM SHEET is implemented with excellent tensile properties with increased creep strength. It is excellently versatile and proposed for a non-oxidizing range of applications. In addition, these sheets are efficient in higher working temperatures.

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TZM SHEETS are accessible in various thicknesses, widths, and lengths with different standards. It is obtained by processing high-quality material either rolled, ground, or chemically cleaned with a fine surface. It is hard to form, and it is more ductile than the pure element to afford the properties and brittle at transition and room temperatures. However, these sheets are easily machined and present an excellent weld process using the proper technique.

Material Used:

  • TZM Alloy

TZM Alloy Characteristics:

  • High-Temperature Strength
  • Extreme Tensile Strength
  • Ductile
  • Brilliant Hardness
  • Higher Temperature of Recrystallization Process

These TZM SHEET with added Nickel content are impervious in corrosion environments and avoid the rust and pitting of the surface. The best properties shown by this TZM SHEET are higher strength and creep strength. It is better working in low vapor pressure at a higher temperature value. In addition, it is machinable and excellent heat resistant.  

Properties of TZM SHEET:

  • Extended Durability 
  • Creep Strength
  • Excellent Surface Finish
  • Ease of welding

These TZM sheets face higher stress and withstand high pressures. Its expansion at high temperature is negligible, avoiding heat-stress cracking. These sheets are efficiently working in extreme temperatures since it contains a very high Melting point. Also, it is inclined with strength and hardness while in contact with high temperatures. Thus it is recommended in several extreme heat and high-stress applications.

Industries where TZM SHEET is utilized:

  • Chemical Industry
  • Aerospace
  • Defense 
  • Automobile
  • Sugar industry
  • Space
  • Oil and Gas 

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TZM Sheet Suppliers In India

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TZM Sheet Specification

Standards : ASTM B386, TZM 363, 364
Surface : Chemically cleaned, Grinding, Turning
Material : TZM Alloy (0.4-0.54% Ti, 0.06-0.12 %Zr, 0.01-0.04% C, balance Mo)
Process : Forging, rolling
Dimensions :5mm-50mm thickness x W x L
Thickness : 0.01”(0.25 mm) to 0.12”(3 mm)
Length : Maximum 470”(12000 mm)
Width : Maximum 23.5”(600 mm)

TZM Sheet Equivalent Grades

ASTM B386 Type 364 Sheet R03640

TZM Sheet Types

Tzm Molybdenum Sheet

TZM Molybdenum Sheet

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Tzm Molybdenum Sheet

TZM Cold Rolled Sheet

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Hot Rolled Sheet

TZM Hot Rolled Sheet

  • TZM Mo2 Hot Rolled Sheets Supplier in Mumbai
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TZM Sheet Standard Thickness

Form Size inch Size mm Size inch Size mm Size inch Size mm Size inch Size mm
Sheet 0.002 0.05 0.08 2.25 0.25 6.35 0.80 20
Sheet 0.004 0.10 0.09 2.30 0.27 6.86 1 25.4
Sheet 0.020 0.50 0.095 2.5 0.30 7.62 1.125 28.58
Sheet 0.030 0.75 0.10 2.54 0.32 7.95 1.175 30.15
Sheet 0.039 1.0 0.12 2.30 0.375 9.53 1.25 31.75
Sheet 0.050 1.25 0.125 3.175 0.395 10 1.375 34.93
Sheet 0.060 1.50 0.15 3.80 0.41 10.4 1.5 38.1
Sheet 0.068 1.75 0.16 4 0.5 12.7 1.75 44.45
Sheet 0.070 1.80 0.18 4.75 0.55 15.00 2 50.8
Sheet 0.075 1.90 0.19 5.0 0.625 15.88 2.5 63.5
Sheet 0.0787 2.0 0.2 5.08 0.75 19.05 3 76.2
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TZM Alloy Sheet Sizes

Sizes Availability Sizes Availability
0.4mm 5mm
0.5mm 6mm
0.8mm 8mm
1mm 10mm
1.2mm 12mm
1.6mm 16mm
2mm 20mm
3mm 25mm

Chemical Composition of TZM Sheet

Ti Mo Zr C
0.5 99.40 0.08 0.02

Mechanical Composition of TZM Sheet

Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Elongation L = 5 D %
965 MPa, 140000 psi 860 MPa , 125000 psi 6 – 10

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TZM Sheet Application Industries

Application Industries

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