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Special Metals is a well-known producer and provider of superb quality VANADIUM ROD/ ROUND BAR. We manufacturer extensive quantities and a variety of rods and round bars to fulfill varying demands. It is available in various standards, dimensions and lengths. Our rods and bars are durable and long-lasting, and formed with excellent grade material. They are also available in forms and finishes. The cost-effective benefit of these rods is the key benefit in comparison to its qualities. Various square, rectangle, billet threaded bars are obtained according to uses in several applications.

Vanadium is medium hard metal showing malleable, ductile appearance as well as corrosion-resistant qualities. It is bright white and soft in pure form. It is better known to render excellent structural strength. Also, the material is machinable with high speed and carbide tooling. At room temperature, it confers exceptional formability.

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HIGH PURITY VANADIUM ALLOYS ROD is an excellent strong structure usable in several forms. It is soft and easily formed with an excellent outer finish. Our rods are corrosion-resistant in several environments. It is highly effective against deterioration in sulphuric acid as well as hydrochloric acid. It is recommended to use intermediate-high temperatures to avoid the oxidizing effect. It is formed with different techniques such as Hot Rolled, Cold Rolled, as well as Cold Drawn, and Forged process. Its surface is protected with a polished finish.

VANADIUM ALLOY ROUND BAR is used in metalworking with the formation of various shapes. It is excellently impacting on opposition to surroundings containing alkalis as well as it withstands in brine. Therefore it is recommended for marine application utilization. These bars are strong, and hard to sustain higher loads. It is utilized in several forms and finishes in various application needs. These bars are suitable for structural use with excellent tensile strength and toughness. In addition, it is high-temperature corrosion-resistant with shielding layer formation. Therefore, vanadium bar is extensively recommended in corrosion resistance applications as well as the coating industry.
Demanding Features of

• Strength and Ductility
• Corrosion Resistant
• Weldability
• Durability and Wear Resistance

• Construction of Buildings
• Structural Applications
• Steel Alloys
• Space
• Nuclear reactor
• Aircraft Carrier

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Vanadium Rod / Round Bar

One of the top most Suppliers and stockists of Vanadium Round Bar, wholesaler of Pure Vanadium Bar in Mumbai, Dealers of Vanadium Flat, Hex or Square Bar, Stockholder of Vanadium Alloy Rod/Round Bar, Pure Vanadium Rod/Round Bar in a variety of thickness, width, or diameter, length and dimension

Vanadium Rod / Round Bar Specification

Specifications : ASTM / ASME
Size : 5 mm To 500 mm
Length : 9 – 12 metres
Form : Round, Rod, Precision Ground Bar, Square, Round Rod, Hollow, Hex (A/F), Triangle, Rectangle, Threaded, T-Bar, Half Round Bar, Flat Bar, Rings, Blocks, Billet, Ingot, I/H Bar, Angle, Channel Bar, Profiles, Forging Etc.
Finish : Cold drawn, Bright drawn, Centreless ground, Cold finished, Peeled and turned, Smooth turned, Slit rolled edge, Hot finished, Hot rolled, Rough turned/peeled, Peeled and reeled

Vanadium Rod / Round Bar Types

Round Bar Suppliers

Vanadium Round Bar / Rod

  • Vanadium Round Bars Supplier
  • Pure Vanadium Round Bar / Rod
  • Vanadium Alloy Round Bar Exporter
  • Vanadium Round Bars Dealer
  • Vanadium Round Rod Distributor
  • Vanadium Alloy Rods Stockist
  • Pure Vanadium Round Rod in Mumbai India
  • Vanadium Round Bars Trader in Mumbai India
Hex Bar Suppliers

Vanadium Hex Bar / Rod

  • Vanadium Alloy Hex Bar Exporter
  • Pure Vanadium Hex Rod Dealer
  • Vanadium Hexagon Bar & Rod Distributor
  • Vanadium Alloy Hex Bars Stockist
  • Vanadium Hexagonal Bar in India
  • Vanadium Hex Bars Trader in Mumbai India
  • Pure Vanadium Hex Bars
  • Vanadium Hex Bar / Rod Supplier
Flat Bars Supplier

Vanadium Flat Bar

  • Vanadium Flat Bars Supplier
  • Vanadium Alloy Flat Bar Exporter
  • Pure Vanadium Flat Bars
  • Vanadium Flat Bars Dealer
  • Vanadium Alloy Flat Bar Distributor
  • Pure Vanadium Flat Bars Stockist
  • Vanadium Flat Bar in Mumbai India
  • Vanadium Flat Bars Trader in Mumbai India
Square Bar Supplier

Vanadium Square Bar / Rod

  • Vanadium Square Rods Exporter
  • Vanadium Alloy Square Rod Dealer
  • Pure Vanadium Square Bar Distributor
  • Vanadium Square Bars Stockist
  • Vanadium Square Bar in India
  • Vanadium Square Rod Trader in Mumbai India
  • Pure Vanadium Square Bars
  • Vanadium Square Bar Supplier
Rectangle Bars Supplier

Vanadium Rectangle Bar / Rod

  • Vanadium Rectangular Bar Exporter in Mumbai
  • Vanadium Alloy Rectangle Bar Supplier in India
  • Vanadium Rectangular Bar in Mumbai India
  • Vanadium Alloy Rectangle Rod Stockist in India
  • Vanadium Rectangular Bar Trader in Mumbai India
  • Pure Vanadium Rectangular Rod Distributor in India
Forged Round Bars Supplier

Vanadium Forged Bar / Rod

  • Vanadium Forged Bar Exporter in Mumbai
  • Vanadium Forged Rods Supplier in India
  • Pure Vanadium Forged Round Rod Distributor
  • Vanadium Forged Bar in Mumbai India
  • Vanadium Alloy Forged Round Bar Stockist in India
  • Vanadium Forged Bars Trader in Mumbai India
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Vanadium Rod / Round Bar Application Industries

Application Industries
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