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VANADIUM PLATE is an outstanding quality plate thicker than sheets. It is made up of VANADIUM material consisting of extended properties. Special Metals form plates with standards and specifications to meet quality standards accepted for global applications. It varies with sizes and thicknesses to fit in multiple applications. Our plates are formed easily due to the excellent flexibility of the material. VANADIUM is known as bright metal with hard and strong features. It is typically used in various purity forms. Pure metal performs excellent characteristics. The metal is cold processed to form sheets, whereas non-metallic impurities are added to enhance the properties of the metal. It exhibits very impressive properties like:

• Bright White colour
• Hard and Ductile
• Outstanding Strength
• Excellent Oxidation Resistance
• High-Temperature Competence

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VANADIUM ALLOY PLATE is therefore acquiring these properties to gain better performance. These plates are used in various conditions with long-lasting workability. We offer these plates at a reasonable cost whereas it shows excellent features helpful in several applications. These plates conduct exceptional strength in addition to hardness. Thus it proffers higher temperature and stress conditions. It prevents rupture during higher temperatures. In normal atmospheric conditions, these plates do not affect serviceability due to protection from rust and pit. Our plates combat various corrosive media. It opposes decomposition and reducing effects in acids like sulfuric acids.

VANADIUM PLATE is widely used in:

• Automobile
• Atomic Industry
• Alloy Formation,
• Electronic Technology
• Solar Energy
• Chemical Application

HIGH PURITY VANADIUM PLATE is further described as suitable in high temperatures with an intermediate temperature range. It also is applied in brine surrounding shielding against chloride and localized effects. Strength demanding long corrosion exposure applications uses these plates such as chemical industry, medical aviation defence etc. We offer these plates with larger thickness to use in several high-pressure and stress applications. These plates are additionally hard and exhibit outstanding tensile strength. It is versatile and easy to connect through good welding that is unaffected by welding heat. In addition, other fields, including railway, electronic technology, and the semiconductor sector, demand these plates. These plates benefit the lower maintenance cost, durability, ductility and non-magnetic property suitable in several applications.

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Vanadium Plates

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Vanadium Plates Specification

Specifications : ASTM / ASME
Thickness : 0.10 – 6 mm
Length : 30 – 2000 mm
Purity : 99.999%
Width : 30 – 600 mm
Size Range : 0.001″ Thk to 4″ Thk
Max Size : 60″ max width & 200″ max length
Form : Vanadium Plate

Vanadium Plate Types

Shim Sheet

Vanadium Plate

  • Vanadium Plates Trader
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  • Vanadium Plate Supplier in Mumbai
Cold Rolled Sheet

Vanadium Cold Rolled Plate

  • Vanadium CR Plates Trader
  • Cold Rolled Pure Vanadium Plate Distributor
  • Pure Vanadium Cold Rolled Plate Exporter in Mumbai
  • Vanadium Alloy Cold Rolled Plates Supplier in India
  • Vanadium CR Plate Stockist in Mumbai India
Hot Rolled Sheet

Vanadium Hot Rolled Plate

  • Vanadium Hot Rolled Plate Exporter in Mumbai
  • Hot Rolled Pure Vanadium Plates Supplier in India
  • Vanadium Alloy HR Plate Stockist in India
  • Pure Vanadium CR Plates Trader in Mumbai India
  • Hot Rolled Vanadium Plate Distributor
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Chemical Composition of Vanadium Plates

















































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Vanadium Plate Application Industries

Application Industries
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