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INDIUM WIRE is an excellent quality wire available in various sizes produced by a reliable manufacturer, Special Metals. We offer these wires with various standards and custom sizes. It is the appropriate option in low-temperature applications. These wires are availed with various purity materials of Indium according to the composition used. It is recommended in several applications to use different forms of wires. It is affordable cost and long serviceable with excellent qualities of the material that are retained.

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INDIUM WIRE is thus fabricated in different forms of purity is useful with different qualities in various applications. It is corrosion-resistant and low-temperature adaptable. It is also immune to water and air oxidization and therefore used in both surroundings. These wires protect from atmospheric effects such as rusting, pitting and its surface remains clean with shiny and bright. It is easily fabricated due to the excellent malleability of metal.

INDIUM is excellent metal with a soft and flexible appearance. It is lustrous and low-temperature melting. Thus it is recommended for efficient use in lower temperatures. Also, it liquefies in acids and functions well below cryogenic levels. Whereas it is a wide range applicable up to subzero temperatures. Indium is added with a minor impurity to gain workable strength and hardness. Its purity is measured in different forms according to pure metal contribution.

INDIUM WIRE is obtained with thickness add to its strength. These wires are easily used in cryogenic to freezing environments without affecting performance. However, acids are affecting and not recommended these wires fused in such a harsh atmosphere. In contrast, it resists erosion at low-temperature alkalis and other affecting chlorides.

INDIUM WIRE is important due to properties:
  • Ductile
  • Subzero to Cryogenic Efficiency
  • Atmospheric Corrosion Resistance
  • Shiny Surface
INDIUM WIRE is employed to:
  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Vacuum seal
  • Thermal Links and Cold Heads
  • Vapour Deposition
  • Semiconductors

Electronic Equipments
INDIUM WIRE is excellently precise with specified tolerances. It is employed in vacuum conditions with effective strength. Moreover, it gives other mechanical properties to enhance with the addition of impurity. It is versatile and used for low-temperature soldiers as well as for cryogenic sealing purposes. It is excellent thermal conductivity and higher electrical conductivity.

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Monel Wire

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Specification : ASTM B160, AMS 4675, AMS 4730, AMS 4731
Dimensions : ANSI/AWCI – 01 -1992 and ASTM E 2016-11 and RRW 360
International Specifications : QQ-N-281 , BS3076NA13, DIN 17753, VdTUV 263
Length : Cut Lengths: 0.125″ to 72″
Diameter : : 0.0004″ to 0.040″
10 microns to 1.0 mm
Other Sizes on Request
Density : 8.89 g/cm3
Surface : Polished bright, Smooth, Bare, Enamel, PTFE, Ceramic, Plated

INDIUM Wire Equivalent Grades

Nickel 200 2.4066 N02200 NW 2200 NA 11 НП-2 N-100M Ni 99.2
Nickel 201 2.4068 N02201 NW 2201 NA 12 НП-2 LC-Ni 99

Tungsten Wire Types

Welding Wire

Indium Welding Wire

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Wire Bobbin

Indium Wire Bobbin

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  • Indium Alloy Wire Bobbin
Filler Wire

Indium Filler Wire

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  • Indium Filler Wire Stockholder
  • Indium Alloy Filler Wires
  • Indium Filler Wire
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bright wire

Indium Bright Wire

  • Indium Bright Wire Stockholder
  • Indium Bright Wires
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  • Indium Bright Wire Supplier
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  • Indium Alloy Bright Wire
cold heading

Indium Cold Heading Wire

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  • Indium Alloy Cold Heading Wires
  • Indium Alloy Cold Heading Wire
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Wire Rope

Indium Wire Rope

  • Indium Wire Rope Supplier
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  • Indium Wire Rope Exporter
  • Indium Alloy Wire Rope
  • Indium Wire Rope

Indium Wire Tolerance

Specified Diameter, in. (mm) Diameter Tolerance, in. (mm)
Over Under
0.5000(12.70) 0.002(0.05) 0.002(0.05)
Under 0.5000(12.70) to 0.3125(7.94), incl 0.0015(0.04) 0.0015(0.04)
Under 0.3125(7.94) to 0.0440(1.12), incl 0.001(0.03) 0.001(0.03)
Under 0.0440(1.12) to 0.0330(0.84), incl 0.0008(0.02) 0.0008(0.02)
Under 0.0330(0.84) to 0.0240(0.61), incl 0.0005(0.013) 0.0005(0.013)
Under 0.0240(0.61) to 0.0120(0.30), incl 0.0004(0.010) 0.0004(0.010)
Under 0.0120(0.30) to 0.0080(0.20), incl 0.0003(0.008) 0.0003(0.008)
Under 0.0080(0.20) to 0.0048(0.12), incl 0.0002(0.005) 0.0002(0.005)
Under 0.0048(0.12) to 0.0030(0.08), incl 0.0001(0.003) 0.0001(0.003)
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Chemical Composition of Indium Wires

Grade C Mn Si Cu S Cr Fe Ni N
Nickel 200 0.15 max 0.35 max 0.35 max 0.25 max 0.01 max 0.40 max 99.0 min
Nickel 201 0.15 max 0.35 max 0.35 max 0.25 max 0.01 max 0.40 max 99.0 min

Mechanical Composition of Indium Wires

Element Density Melting Point Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Elongation
Nickel 200  8.9 g/cm3  1446 °C (2635 °F) Psi – 67000 , MPa – 462 Psi – 21500 , MPa – 148 45 %
Nickel 201  8.9 g/cm3  1446 °C (2635 °F) Psi – 67000 , MPa – 462 Psi – 21500 , MPa – 148 45 %

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