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Special Metals is an experienced manufacturer in INDIUM SHEET with excellent quality and known for a wide range of specifications available. It is formed with several standards and specifications. These sheets are soft and pliable with different thicknesses and used according to purity specified. It has low-temperature applications and is stable in atmospheric conditions unaffected by air and water. It occurs in shiny bright surfaces with an excellent surface finish. It is easy to form and used in cryogenic applications with excellent efficiency and durability.

INDIUM is a soft metal with less melting temperature. It is malleable and shows a shining lustre. It is get dissolved in acids and sustain air and water effects. It remains flexible below cryogenic to subzero temperatures. Thus it is added with a minor impurity to get enhanced strength and form.

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INDIUM SHEET is availed with various purity forms depending on application needs. These sheets are low temperature sustainable with excellent cryogenic properties. It enhances material properties and is easily adaptable in systems. Its larger surface is protected from atmospheric effects, whereas it is not recommended in acid corrosive surroundings. Its thickness increases its strength, and it is best suited in vacuum systems. Therefore, it is frequently employed in heat sink and cryogenic systems.

INDIUM SHEET features:
• Flexibility
• Cryogenic Temperature use
• Air and Water Compatible
• Bright Surface Finish

INDIUM SHEET is extended its use in:
• Semiconductors and Electronics
• Aviation, Space
• Defence
• Oil and Gas
• Automobiles

INDIUM SHEET is excellently resistant to corrosions in water as well as to alkalis. It is recommended in low-temperature semiconductor production as well as electronic equipments that work in less heat. It also works better in low pressure, such as sodium vapour lamp application. It is electroplated in several high performing engine components. These sheets are long-lasting and serviceable in mostly low temperatures, including the cryogenic range. These sheets are less toxic and easily formed with Rolling. It has electrical conductivity, and it bonds strongly with glass with a transparent appearance. Thus it is used in mirror vapour coating and screens. It is applied in different applications with different purity forms to obtain the required qualities.

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Indium Sheets

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Indium Sheet Specification

Specifications : ASTM / ASME
Sheet : thickness range from .008″ to .0125″
Size : 15NB to 150NB In
Width : 10mm – 2500mm
Length : As Your Required
Purity : ≥99.9% or 99.95%
Hardness : Soft, Hard, Half Hard, Quarter Hard, Spring Hard etc.
Form : Sheet

Indium Sheet Types

Shim Sheet

Indium Sheet

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Cold Rolled Sheet

Indium Cold Rolled Sheet

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Hot Rolled Sheet

Indium Hot Rolled Sheet

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