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Special Metals manufacture the best rods that offer best properties. The Inconel material is used for manufacturing industrial products, and Inconel X750 Rod is one of them. Inconel X750 Rod used in different applications, and they have greater ability to be fully resistant to corrosion, petting corrosions and stress corrosion cracking, crevice corrosion, abrasion and oxidations.  

What is Inconel X750 Rod?

Inconel X750 Rod is manufactured from the highly appreciated, and it is used for fabricating rods because of different good attributes offered by this alloy. Inconel X750 Rod has the good qualities and best featured that’s why these rods have huge demand on industrial platforms or sectors.  

What are the properties of Inconel X750 Rods?

  • High tensile strength
  • Good surface finishes
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Rugged construction
  • Durability
  • Longevity
  • Flexibility
  • Easy to use and Low maintenance

These Inconel X750 Rods are fabricated using the high-tech quality of material collected from reliable mills. These rods are manufactured with advanced methodologies, so that offer great outcomes. The grade used for the surface finish is qualitative grades so that they offer a high level of finishing’s.

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Applications where Inconel X750 Rods used:  

  • Nuclear reactors
  • Gas turbines
  • Rocket engines
  • Pressure vessels
  • Aircraft structures  

What are the attractive features of Inconel X750 Rods?

  • Offer the best creep rupture strength at raised temperatures
  • Not as strong as Nimonic 90
  • These plates are good at cryogenic temperatures
  • Age hardenable
  • Provide high temperature and used in dynamic applications

Overall, these properties and characteristics of the Inconel X750 Rod are unique and offer great performance; hence they have huge demand in business sectors and provided a very good range. 

For the different range of applications at down temperatures, this Inconel X750 Rods or material might be strengthened by precipitation hardening operation after cold and hot working. Also, by equalizing and solution treating. 

The furnace cooling treatment is additionally used to develop the ideal properties for industrial applications. After performing heat treatment activity, properties are created under the components of mechanical properties of Inconel X750 Rod.

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Inconel X750 Rod Specification

Specifications : ASTM B637/ ASME SB637
Size : 5 mm To 500 mm
Length : 9 - 12 metres
Form : Round, Square, Hex (A/F), Rectangle, Billet, Ingot, Forging Etc.
Finish : Cold drawn, Bright drawn, Centreless ground, Cold finished, Peeled and turned, Smooth turned, Slit rolled edge, Hot finished, Hot rolled, Rough turned/peeled, Peeled and reeled
Tolerance : H8, H9, H10, H11, H12, H13K9, K10, K11, K12 or as per clients’ requirements

Inconel X750 Rod Equivalent Grades

Inconel X7502.4669N07750NiCr 15 Fe 7 TiAlNC 15 FeTNCF X-750

Inconel X-750 Rod Types

Round Rod Suppliers

Inconel X750 Rod

  • Nickel Alloy X750 Round Rods
  • X750 Inconel ASTM B637 Rods Dealer
  • Inconel X750 Round Rod Distributor
  • ASME SB637 Inconel Alloy X750 Rods Stockist
  • Inconel X750 Rod in Mumbai India
  • Alloy X750 Round Rods Trader in Mumbai India
  • UNS N07750 Round Rods Supplier
  • Alloy 2.4669 Rod Exporter
Hex Rods Supplier

Inconel X750 Hex Rod

  • ASME SB637 Nickel Alloy X750 Hex Rods
  • Inconel N07750 Hex Rods Supplier
  • X750 Inconel ASTM B637 Hex Rods Dealer
  • Inconel X750 Hexagon Rod Distributor
  • ASME SB637 Inconel Alloy X750 Hex Rods Stockist
  • X750 Inconel ASTM B637 Hex Rods Dealer
  • Inconel X750 Hexagon Rod Distributor
  • ASME SB637 Inconel Alloy X750 Hex Rods Stockist
Threaded Rod in Mumbai India

Inconel X750 Threaded Rod

  • ASME SB637 Inconel Alloy X750 Threaded Rod Stockist
  • Inconel X750 Threaded Rod in Mumbai India
  • Alloy X750 Threaded Rods Trader in Mumbai India
  • ASME SB637 Nickel Alloy X750 Threaded Rods
  • Inconel Alloy N07750 Threaded Rods Supplier
  • Inconel 2.4669 Threaded Rod Exporter
  • X750 Inconel ASTM B637 Threaded Rods Dealer
Square Rods Supplier

Inconel X750 Square Rod

  • Inconel® Alloy X750 Square Rod Stockist
  • Alloy 2.4669 Square Rod Trader
  • Nickel Alloy X750 Square Rods Distributor
  • ASTM B637 Inconel X750 Square Rod Exporter
  • Inconel UNS N07750 Square Rods Supplier in Mumbai India
  • ASME SB637 X750 Alloy Square Rod in Mumbai India
Rectangle Rod Supplier

Inconel X750 Rectangle Rod

  • ASME SB637 X750 Alloy Rectangular Rod in Mumbai India
  • Inconel® Alloy X750 Rectangle Rods Stockist in India
  • Inconel 2.4669 Rectangular Rod Trader in Mumbai India
  • Nickel Alloy X750 Rectangular Rods Distributor in India
  • Inconel ASTM B637 X750 Rectangular Rod Exporter in Mumbai
  • Inconel UNS N07750 Rectangle Rod Supplier in India
Forged Rods Supplier in India

Inconel X750 Forged Rod

  • Inconel® Alloy X750 Forged Rod Stockist in India
  • Inconel UNS N07750 Forged Rods Supplier in India
  • ASME SB637 X750 Alloy Forged Rod in Mumbai India
  • Inconel ASTM B637 X750 Forged Rod Exporter in Mumbai
  • Inconel UNS N07750 Forged Rods Supplier in India
  • ASME SB637 X750 Alloy Forged Rod in Mumbai India

X750 Inconel Rod Sizes

Size and Dimensions of Inconel X750 Rod
MetricUS Rods
ASTM/ CanadianJapanese
Rods SizeDiam. (mm)Rods SizeDiam. (Inch)Rods SizeDiam. (mm2)Rods SizeDiam. (mm)
1212#101.250  3232
1414#111.375  3535
1616#121.500  3838
1818#131.600  4141
2020#141.750  4444
2222#151.875  4848
2525#162.000  5151
2828#182.250  5757
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Inconel Alloy X750 Rod Weight Chart

Round Rod
Size Kgs / Foot Kgs / Mtr Size Kgs / Foot Kgs / Mtr Size Kgs / Foot Kgs / Mtr
3mm 0.017 0.055 20mm 0.753 2.470 3″ 10.900 35.762
1/8″ 0.019 0.062 22mm 0.908 2.979 3-1/4″ 12.800 41.996
5/32″ 0.029 0.095 7/8″ 0.926 3.038 3-1/2″ 14.850 48.772
4mm 0.030 0.098 24mm 1.080 3.543 3-3/4″ 17.001 55.780
3/16″ 0.043 0.141 25mm 1.180 3.871 4″ 19.306 63.340
5mm 0.047 0.154 1″ 1.210 3.970 4-1/4″ 21.908 72.249
7/32″ 0.058 0.190 26mm 1.271 4.170 4-1/2″ 24.4487 80.340
6mm 0.068 0.223 27mm 1.368 4.490 4-3/4″ 27.366 90.249
1/4″ 0.076 0.249 1-1/8″ 1.534 5.033 5″ 30.461 99.940
7mm 0.091 0.298 30mm 1.691 5.548 5-1/2″ 36.690 121.000
5/16″ 0.118 0.387 1-1/4″ 1.924 6.349 6″ 43.860 143.900
8mm 0.120 0.398 32mm 1.894 6.314 6-1/2″ 51.093 167.630
9mm 0.152 0.498 1-3/8″ 2.303 7.550 7″ 59.432 196.000
3/8″ 0.170 0.557 35mm 2.390 7.553 7-1/2″ 68.226 225.000
10mm 0.189 0.620 36mm 2.438 7.999 8″ 77.586 254.55
11mm 0.228 0.748 38mm 2.792 8.903 10″ 121.048 397.140
7/16″ 0.232 0.761 1-1/2″ 2.715 8.951
12mm 0.271 0.889 40mm 3.009 9.872
1/2″ 0.303 0.994 1-5/8″ 3.200 10.449
13mm 0.318 1.043 1-3/4″ 3.712 12.179
14mm 0.368 1.207 45mm 3.807 12.555
9/16″ 0.383 1.256 1-7/8″ 4.260 13.977
15mm 0.424 1.391 48mm 4.330 14.205
5/8″ 0.473 1.551 50mm 4.698 15.414
16mm 0.481 1.578 2″ 4.848 15.906
17mm 0.543 1.791 2-1/8″ 5.475 17.963
11/16″ 0.573 1.880 2-1/4″ 6.135 20.128
18mm 0.610 2.001 60mm 6.768 22.205
3/4″ 0.682 2.237 2-3/8″ 6.838 22.435
2-1/2″ 7.576 24.856
2-5/8″ 8.354 27.409
2-3/4″ 9.169 30.083

Chemical Composition of Inconel X750 Rod

Grade C Mn S Si Ni Cu
Inconel X7500.08 max1 max0.01 max0.5 max70 min0.5 max

Mechanical Composition of Inconel X750 Rod

GradeTensile Strength (MPa)Yield Strength (0.2%Offset)(MPa)Elongation % min.
Inconel X7501103-1276689-89620%

Ready Stock of Inconel X750 Rods in India

Inconel X750 ASTM B637 Rod in MumbaiNickel Alloy X750 Hot Finished Rod
Hot-Rolled Nickel Alloy N07750 RodX750 Inconel Hexagonal Rod Stock
Inconel® Alloy X750 Hexagon RodX750 Inconel Alloy Hot Rolled Rod
Inconel Alloy X750 Half-Rods SupplierInconel® Alloy X750 Rod Stockist in Mumbai
Nickel Alloy X750 Rods SuppliersNickel Alloy UNS N07750 Rods
X750 Inconel Rods in IndiaASME SB637 X750 Alloy Rods in India
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Gr X750 Inconel Rod Suppliers in MumbaiNickel Alloy 2.4669 Rods Exporter
Inconel Alloy X750 ASTM B637 RodInconel X750 Channel Rod
X750 Inconel ASME SB 637 Threaded RodsInconel X750 T-Rod Supplier in India
Alloy UNS N07750 Rectangle Rod DealerInconel X750 Triangle Rod Stockist
Inconel X750 Rods Supplier in MumbaiAlloy X750 Bright Rod Trader in India
ASME SB637 Inconel X750 Cold Drawn RodASTM B637 Inconel Alloy X750 Bright Rod
Inconel 2.4669 Black RodsInconel Alloy X750 Hot Rolled Rods
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Inconel® X-750 Rod Application Industries

Application Industries
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