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Special Metals is an experienced manufacturer in NIMONIC 80A ROUND BAR. Our bars are offered at very cost-effective rates and excellent service. These bars are accepted largely in series of applications. In addition, we offer these bars with various quality standards defined for bars. It is easily selected with required specifications and available sizes and dimensions. It is produced with high-grade NIMONIC 80A.

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What is NIMONIC 80A?

It is a Nickel-based alloy combined with high-value Chromium and adequate Aluminium, Cobalt, and Titanium with advanced qualities than NIMONIC 75. It is described as an age-hardening grade with a large value enhancement of strength and corrosion stability. It is recommended for higher temperature use. It is better known for:

  • Flexibility
  • Ease of Machinability
  • Tensile Strength
  • Age-Hardening
  • Anti Heat-corrosive

NIMONIC 80A ROUND BAR is formed easily with higher accuracy of dimensions as well as surface finish. It maintains mechanical characteristics in various harsh situations. These bars are used in several forms like a round, oval, square bar in applications as demanded. We offer efficient bars to sustain a higher corrosive effect. It resists corrosion in brine, acids, alkalis, and other reducing agents. These bars are oxidation-free and reduce rusting and pitting in several surroundings. Marine applications are recommended these bars with excellent chloride reducing resistance.


  • Acidic decomposition resistance
  • Aquatic reduction resistance
  • High-temperature cracking resistance
  • Creep rupture resistance

NIMONIC 80A ROUND BAR is further stress and pressure sustainable. Its higher tensile strength protects these bars from stress damage. In addition, it is suitable in wider temperature series without cracking and corrosion. Its higher melting point increases its stability in an elevated range. These are widely processed in high-pressure applications. Moreover, Aerospace applications require higher strength in extremely corrosive and high-temperature systems. Thus, these bars are recommended in several working components and equipments in it. Our bars are easily formed and well finished. To meet application-required conditions, we offer our bars in annealed, tempered conditions with various surface finishes.

NIMONIC 80A ROUND BAR is used in:

  • Oil and Gas Pipeline
  • Chemical Industry
  • Water Supply Systems
  • Fabrication Industry
  • Aviation
  • Power plants

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Nimonic 80A Round Bar Specification

Size : 5 mm To 500 mm
Length : 9 – 12 metres
Form : Round, Square, Hex (A/F), Rectangle, Billet, Ingot, Forging Etc.
Finish : Cold drawn, Bright drawn, Centreless ground, Cold finished, Peeled and turned, Smooth turned, Slit rolled edge, Hot finished, Hot rolled, Rough turned/peeled, Peeled and reeled
Tolerance : H8, H9, H10, H11, H12, H13K9, K10, K11, K12 or as per clients’ requirements

Nimonic 80A Round Bar Equivalent Grades

Nimonic 80A 2.4952 N07080

Nimonic 80A Bar Types

Round Bar Suppliers

Nimonic 80A Round Bar

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Nimonic 80A Flat Bar

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Nimonic 80A Square Bar

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Nimonic 80A Rectangle Bar

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Nimonic 80A Forged Bar

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Nimonic 80A Round Bar Sizes

Size and Dimensions of Nimonic 80A Round bar
Metric US Bars ASTM/ Canadian Japanese
Bars Size Diam. (mm) Bars Size Diam. (Inch) Bars Size Diam. (mm2) Bars Size Diam. (mm)
5 5 #2 0.250 10M 100 6 6
5.5 5.5 #3 0.375 15M 200 10 10
6 6 #4 0.500 20M 300 13 13
7 7 #5 0.600 25M 500 16 16
8 8 #6 0.750 30M 700 19 19
9 9 #7 0.875 35M 1000 22 22
10 10 #8 1.000 45M 1500 25 25
11 11 #9 1.125 55M 2500 29 29
12 12 #10 1.250 32 32
14 14 #11 1.375 35 35
16 16 #12 1.500 38 38
18 18 #13 1.600 41 41
20 20 #14 1.750 44 44
22 22 #15 1.875 48 48
25 25 #16 2.000 51 51
28 28 #18 2.250 57 57
32 32
36 36
40 40
44 44
50 50
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Nimonic 80A Round Bar Weight Chart

Round Bar
SizeKgs / FootKgs / MtrSizeKgs / FootKgs / MtrSizeKgs / FootKgs / Mtr

Chemical Composition of Nimonic 80A Round Bar

Grade Al B C Cr Co Cu Fe Mn Ni P Si S
Nimonic 80A 1 – 1.8 0.008 max 0.1 max 18 – 21 0.2 max 0.2 max 3 max 1 max Balance 0.045 max 1 max 0.015 max

Mechanical Composition of Nimonic 80A Round Bar

Grade Condition Ultimate Tensile Strength MPA Yield Strength MPA Elongation on 4D (min) Hardness min
Nimonic 80A Solution Annealed & Precipatation Treated (aged) 994 616 20 300 HV

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Nimonic® 80A Round Bar Application Industries

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