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Introduction to Gallium 

Gallium (Ga) is an element of group 13 with an atomic number 31 and periodic number 4 of the periodic table. It is an orthorhombic crystalline structure and a blue-gray appearance. Gallium is solid at room temperatures, whereas it is liquidized on slight heating. Gallium, in a solid-state, is soft and easily cut with a knife. It maintains stability in the air, as well as water conversely, dissolves in acids and alkalis. Gallium is a derivative of coal burning, aluminium, and zinc production. It also arises in sphalerite and diaspore, and also in germanite, along with bauxite.

Properties of Gallium

  • Softer and Brittle
  • Lower Melting Point
  • Higher Boiling Point

Applications of Gallium:

  • It is used in mirrors
  • It is used low-melting alloys formation
  • It is accepted in high-temperature thermometers
  • It is bright and highly reflective, thus used in glass surface coating
  • It is used in LEDs intended for electronic displays, watches
  • It is used in Semiconductor components

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Gallium is principally focused to electronics applications and is used to make large production of gallium arsenide (GaAs) for 

  • Microwave 
  • Infrared circuits 
  • Semiconductors 
  • LEDs with Blue and Violet light. 
  • Solar Panels

Galinstan Alloy 

Galinstan Alloy is an alloy of gallium(Gall), indium(in), and tin or stannum(stan) and is recommended for less toxicity. It is replaced to a toxic Mercury element in various applications. The lower reactivity of the alloy is widely selected in various applications.

Galinstan Alloy Composition:

  • 5% Ga
  • 5% In 
  • 10% Sn

Applications of Galinstan:

Galinstan Alloy is applied to coat other elements or materials, such as glass coating for the mirror. It is useful in making conductive to other materials by simple coating. The properties of Galinstan propose an ideal alternative on behalf of mercury, including clinical thermometers, as well as coolants, thermal grease. It is also recommended in applications where exposure is non-toxic and has a very low melting point.

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