Applications and Advantages of Inconel 800 Round Bars

Inconel 800 Round Bars

A nickel-chromium alloy with exceptional durability and resistance to corrosion is Inconel 800 round bars. They are frequently used as a substitute for stainless steel because of their durability and capacity to endure a wide variety of temperatures.

Inconel 800 Round Bars have been shown to withstand corrosive circumstances like seawater exposure or high humidity. In addition, other materials, such as titanium alloys and stainless steel alloys, have been found to wear out more easily. It is a fantastic method to strengthen and add value to your projects.

Applications of Inconel 800 Round Bars

Nickel-chromium alloy has a low carbon percentage. The alloy is employed in high-temperature applications like gas turbine engines where corrosion resistance and strength are necessary. It is the perfect material for use in heat exchangers and other crucial heat transfer applications because of its comparatively high melting point of 1850°C. They are also employed in welding and as structural elements in high-temperature applications.

Due to their high strength-to-weight ratio, These products are excellent for applications where weight reduction is crucial. They are frequently used for engines, converters, pumps, boilers, industrial furnaces, corrosion inhibitors, pressure vessels, nuclear reactors, and heating systems.

In civil engineering structures like bridges, buildings, and other structures, are employed as weldable structural parts. Additionally, they are frequently found in industrial, army, and aerospace equipment.

Advantages of Inconel 800 Round Bars

  1. They can endure longer than other materials since they are resistant to corrosion.
  2. If you drop them on the ground, they won’t break because of their great impact strength.
  3. They are light, so your tasks won’t be as weighed down by them.
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