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A brass alloy includes copper and zinc elements more than approx. percent of copper. The alpha brass contains less percent of zinc. The alloy is usually used in engineering materials requiring forging, pressing, etc. Brass Plate offers good corrosion resistance to many chemical corrodents as well as industrial atmospheres and marine environments. These products are soft and have ductile metal that cuts easily. It is used widely for decorative purposes because of its smooth, shiny gold-like appearance. Brass plates are relatively simple to polish to a high luster with minimal effort. We, Special metals, stocks hundreds of sizes of Brass Alloy Plates that you can buy. We give the best quality product to our clients. We sell these plates at reasonable rates with the best service.

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  • Composition Of Brass Plate
Firstly Brass is an alloy which is made primarily of copper and zinc. The balances of copper and zinc are varied to yield many diverse kinds of Brass. The basic modern Brass has 67% copper and 33% zinc. The amount of copper may reach 55% to 95% by weight, with zinc varying from 5% to 45%. In the Brass, the lead is commonly added at a concentration of around 2%. The lead of addition improves the machinability of Brass. The important lead leaching usually happens, even in Brass that contains a relatively low overall concentration of lead. These compositions contain properties like higher malleability, low friction, low melting point, and a good conductor of heat. Also, it has desirable acoustic property, which is used in a musical instrument. The Brass is a soft metal that is used in cases where sparking is necessary. Also, it resists corrosion, including galvanic corrosion from saltwater. Brass is more malleable than bronze or zinc. Aluminium makes Brass stronger.
  • Application Of Brass Plate
The versatility of brass plates makes them valuable materials for a broad range of applications.
  • It is used in construction/architecture
  • It is used in manufacturing from musical instruments to light fixtures
  • It is used in plumbing
  • It is used in builders hardware
It is used in electrical

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Brass Plate Specification

Specifications : ASTM B36 / ASME SB36
Brass Plates Thickness : 0.001 mm – 70 mm
Brass Plates Size : 14 X 48 inch, 16 X 48 inch
Finish : Hot rolled (HR), Cold rolled (CR) Galvanized etc.
Material : Brass
Grades / UNS : C21000, C22000, C22600, C23000, C24000, C26000, C26800, C27200, or C28000.

Brass Plates Types

Brass C21000 Sheet / Plates

Brass C21000 Plate

  • ASME SB36 Brass C210 Plate in Mumbai India
  • Brass Alloy C21000 Plate Distributor
  • Brass Alloy C21000 Plate Stockist
  • ASTM B36 Brass C210 Plate Exporter
  • UNS C21000 Plates Supplier
  • Brass C21000 Plates Trader
  • C21000 Brass Plates Supplier in Mumbai India
Brass C22600 Sheet / Plates

Brass C22600 Plate

  • Brass C22600 Plates Trader
  • C22600 Brass Plates Supplier in Mumbai India
  • Brass Alloy C22600 Plate Distributor
  • Brass Alloy C22600 Plate Stockist
  • ASME SB36 Brass C226 Plate in Mumbai India
  • UNS C22600 Plates Supplier
  • ASTM B36 Brass C226 Plate Exporter
Brass C23000 Sheets / Plates

Brass C23000 Plate

  • Brass Alloy C23000 Plate Distributor
  • UNS C23000 Plates Supplier
  • Brass C23000 Plates Trader
  • ASTM B36 Brass C230 Plate Exporter
  • C23000 Brass Plates Supplier in Mumbai India
  • Brass Alloy C23000 Plate Stockist
  • ASME SB36 Brass C230 Plate in Mumbai India
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Brass Plate Application Industries

Application Industries

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