Hastelloy C22 Fasteners : Key Considerations

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Hastelloy C22 is a nickel-based alloy extensively used in industrial applications due to its exceptional corrosion resistance. Hastelloy C22 fasteners are an integral part of many manufacturing processes and applications. These fasteners provide a secure and reliable connection in corrosive and extreme environments. However, selecting the right Hastelloy C22 fasteners can be challenging. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the key considerations to remember while choosing Hastelloy C22 fasteners for your applications.

Corrosion Resistance:

Hastelloy C22 fasteners are known for their superior corrosion resistance properties. This alloy is highly resistant to the effects of oxidising, reducing, and mixing acids. Hastelloy C22 fasteners also resist pitting, crevice corrosion, and stress-corrosion cracking. This property makes hastelloy fasteners ideal for harsh environments where corrosion is a significant concern.

Temperature Resistance:

Hastelloy C22 fasteners exhibit excellent temperature resistance properties. These fasteners can withstand temperatures ranging from cryogenic to elevated temperatures. C22 fasteners are ideal for manufacturing processes requiring exposure to extreme temperatures.

Strength and Durability:

Hastelloy C22 fasteners are known for their high strength and durability properties. These fasteners can withstand high stress and load capacity requirements. These fasteners also have excellent wear resistance properties, making them ideal for high wear and tear applications.


Due to the high cost of nickel and other alloying elements, these fasteners are more expensive than other fastener types. However, their superior corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, and strength properties justify their higher price.


The choice of Hastelloy fasteners depends on the specific application requirements. The fastener type, size, and grade will vary depending on the application’s environment, load capacity, temperature, and vibration requirements. Selecting the right hastelloy fasteners for your application can ensure reliable and efficient performance.

Following are the types of Hastelloy C22 Fasteners:

Hastelloy C22 Bolts:

These fasteners are well-suited for high-stress, high-temperature, and corrosive environments. The bolts offer excellent resistance to pitting, crevice corrosion, and stress corrosion cracking. Their unique manufacturing process involves hot forging, which improves their overall mechanical strength. Common applications include chemical processing plants, aerospace, and marine engineering. Hastelloy C22 bolts have superior corrosion resistance and durability compared to other fasteners.

Hastelloy C22 Nuts:

Like Hastelloy C22 bolts, these nuts possess excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical strength. They are often used with hastelloy c22 bolts to create a secure joint in various applications. The nuts can be manufactured using cold forming techniques, ensuring dimensional accuracy and a smooth surface finish. They are commonly used in petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and power generation industries.

Hastelloy C22 Washers:

These washers are designed to distribute the load evenly and prevent damage to the mating surfaces. They offer excellent resistance to corrosion and oxidation, making them suitable for use in harsh environments. C22 Hastelloy washers can be produced through stamping or laser cutting, allowing for precise dimensions and intricate shapes. Their applications include chemical processing equipment, heat exchangers, and pressure vessels.

Hastelloy C22 Studs:

These fasteners are ideal for situations where high clamping forces are required. They feature excellent corrosion resistance, high tensile strength, and temperature resistance. Hastelloy C22 studs are typically manufactured using cold rolling techniques, which enhance their mechanical properties and surface finish. They are commonly used in oil and gas, chemical processing, and nuclear power generation.

Hastelloy C22 Screws:

These screws offer excellent resistance to corrosion and oxidation, making them ideal for use in aggressive environments. They can be custom-designed with various head styles and thread types to suit specific application requirements. Manufacturing hastelloy c22 screws often involves cold heading or thread rolling processes, ensuring precise dimensions and high-quality threads. Their applications include aerospace, marine engineering, and pollution control equipment.

When selecting Hastelloy C22 fasteners, users should consider each type’s durability, corrosion resistance, and cost-effectiveness. It’s essential to evaluate the specific requirements of your application and choose the most suitable fastener type accordingly. Remember that Hastelloy C22 are more expensive than other materials due to their high-performance characteristics, but they offer long-term value through superior performance and longevity.


Hastelloy C22 fasteners are a reliable and secure connectivity solution for many manufacturing and industrial applications. Choosing the right hastelloy c22 fastener requires considering crucial factors such as corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, strength, durability, cost, and application requirements. Considering these factors, you can select the right hastelloy c22 fastener for your application needs. Contact your local fastener supplier to learn about hastelloy c22 fasteners and select the right fastener for your application.

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